Solar Customers' Bill of Rights

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Solar customers in Arizona have the right to the following:

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• Be presented with all of the factual information that they will need to make a well informed decision when purchasing solar energy systems.


• Be insured that all systems being offered meet all of the standards for solar energy systems that are adopted by federal and local jurisdictions.


• Be insured that their solar energy systems is installed meet or exceed all local building codes and are installed according to the manufacturers specifications.


• Have an accurate accounting of all incentives that are being offered for the system.


• Are provided with a detailed invoice clearly outlining the price of the solar energy system and any other products being offered.


• Be assured that all systems installed will provide the maximum amount of energy and meet the claims made by the installing company.


• Be assured that the reservation for the purchase of REC’s by the utility (if applicable) has been approved and the funds are reserved by the utility before the installation begins.


• Be assured that the installing company respects all consumer protection law and practices, including the three day rescission period.


• The customer will be promptly provided with all documents necessary claiming any and all tax credits and utility incentives.


• The customer will be provided with prompt and courteous service after the sale and installation, including prompt service for warranty claims.