Press Releases

April 14, 2014


New Organization Formed to Promote Benefits of Solar Water Heating


Phoenix AZ – A group of longtime Arizona solar contractors and manufacturers have announced the formation of a new trade association to promote the solar water heating industry in Arizona.  The organization, called the Arizona Solar Water Heating Alliance (AZSWHA) will concentrate on public policy and public education to seek greater adoption of solar water heating in Arizona.’


“Solar water heating can provide the fastest return on investment of all the solar technologies” stated Jim Combs, of Conservative Energy Systems, one of the founders of the organization.   This is particularly the case when replacing electric water heaters which can account for 25% of a homeowner’s electric bill and is the most inefficient method of heating water.


“Between energy and emissions savings, solar water heating is an important resource for Arizona”, stated Michael Neary, President of Desert Sun solar, Inc.   “With about 60 percent of residents using electric to heat their water in the Valley and rural Arizona, solar water heating can play an important role in Arizona’s energy mix.  It can replace 90 percent of the electricity used to heat water.”


A new website (www.azswha) is being developed to provide consumers with the benefits of solar water heating and the different types of systems available.  The group also plans on educating policy makers on solar water heating which has been often overlooked as an obvious solar application which most homeowners can afford.


In addition to Conservative Energy Systems and Desert Sun Solar, founding members of the organization include:  Heliocol AZ, Pacific West Solar, General Solar, and Expert Solar of Tucson.  Principals in the founding companies have almost 200 combined years of experience in solar water heating and want to maintain the quality standards that many solar companies have achieved over recent years.


For further information, contact Michael Neary at 602-708-1497.